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Africans with afro smiling with books in their hands from Cee Koko Books.

Aug 1 2023

How to prepare for success when learning a new African language?

Discover the Benefits of Learning an African Language Learning an African language opens up new worlds of cultural understanding, boosts cognitive abilities, and can even provide professional advantages. But, like…
person waving a Ghanaian flag

Jul 1 2023

Learn the Most Spoken Dialect in Ghana by Learning: the Twi Language!

Image URL: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-man-with-flag-of-ghana-on-city-street-6567674/ Twi is the common name for a family of mutually intelligible dialects used mainly in central and southern Ghana. This language comes from the Akan people, the…
A picture containing Two African Women from Ghana Playing Together in the outdoor next to tree wearing African clothing

Jun 17 2023

Explore the Culture of Ghana by Learning the Ga Language!

A picture containing Two African Women from Ghana Playing Together in the outdoor next to tree wearing African clothing. Photo by Built By King from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/two-women-playing-together-11403821/ The Ga language…
A picture containing a musical instrument used by Yorùbá people during ceremonies.

May 1 2023

Embracing the Yorùbá Culture and Language

Yorùbá is among the most significant ethnic groupings in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. They are many different people connected by a shared language, past, and culture instead of…
An image containing boats and people walking on the Indian Ocean beach in Zanzibar, where Swahili is the primary language.

Apr 1 2023

Learn Swahili: Africa’s Most Spoken Language

From Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean through Congo in Central Africa, Swahili is spoken by people throughout East Africa. It has thus grown to be among the most spoken languages…
An image showing African women beating drums to symbolize the significance of their culture.

Mar 1 2023

Experience the Beauty of EWE: Learn to Speak the Language

As a study topic at all educational levels, including the higher institutional stage, Ewe (Èʋegbe) has gradually acquired popularity in Togo and Ghana. Ewe and Kabiye constitute Togo’s two indigenous…
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